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Classic  Herbal  Relaxing

Inspired in part by lengthening countryside rows of English lavender, the expression of these swelling purple buds could be distilled and purified in isolation but I've chosen to pair the scent with something special. Sweet and earthy tonka bean. Tonka invites a warming sense of grounding to the delicacy of high herbal lavender.

Lavender Tonka Scent Notes: Tonka Bean, Lavender, and White Sage

Prized for its aromatics for centuries, the lavender plant has been cultivated since the Ancient Greek and roman times. Full sun, like myself, is it's best friend. Let's just swirl through the tall stalks of lightly purpled flowers and evermore fragrant silver foliage. 

Grown in regions with hot summers, the aroma wanders through the air promoting a peaceful environment. To bring this element to your house, I started with lavender essential oil. Within the fragrance oil base, lavender is blended with white sage and cederwood essential oils for a clean, herbal scent. 

Tonka beans are seeds from the Cumaru tree, indigenous to Central America. The tonka seed contains coumarin, an isolate from the plant responsible for the seed's pleasant odor. Widely used in the perfume industry, the bean also has other uses in cuisine and pharmaceuticals.

This lovingly dried black seed has a sweet aroma usually compared to almond with undertones of tobacco that ultimately create a uniquely creamy fragrance. I added this element to the lavender base for a well rounded aromatic experience. Intention grounded in sweetness, what I strive for in all my interactions.

Pair with a good book, a salted soak in the bathtub or cozy robe after a hot shower. Light a Brightwise Candles Lavender Tonka 100% soy candle before, let aroma fill the space. Notice an ease of feelings of tension. 

Kate the candlemaker

Lavender Tonka Scented Soy Wax Candle

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